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Shanben story

Jimmy Lin is an excellent entrepreneur actively involved with multiple industrial fields in Shanghai the pearl of the Yangzi Delta, which is the most dynamic industrial region of China. Back in 2000, Jimmy anticipated the significant role to be played by MEMBRANE SWITCH in the industrial development of the new century, and soon he founded SHANBEN.

Shanben solution

Flexible or rigid, Shanben develops various solutions for customers from different fields with stringent quality control, quick response service, custom engineering design, and full-series products integrated with cutting-edge material, lighting and environment technologies.

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Why Shanben!

Direct channel to find the tailored membrane switch right for your machine & equipment.

Most of the membrane switches in the world are made in China. As an outstanding performer, Shanben offers not just a product, but long term technical support, caring service and worry- free solution. Here you can always find cutting-edge technologies like light guide film(LGF), flexible printed circuit(FPC), and conductive ink printing(CIP).
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Why Membrane Switch

What and How

Using insulating thin material as carrier, Membrane Switch integrates function keys, indicator panel and electronic components. Being pressed, the contact of the upper circuit is deformed downward to conduct with the electrode plate of the lower circuit. When the press released, the contact of the upper circuit bounces back to cause the circuit disconnection, which triggers a signal. Praised for small size, high self-defining shape, easy installation, strict structure, elegant appearance, high waterproof level (up to IP68), UV resistance, high/low temperature resistance, and long service life, Membrane Switch has been applied widely in various fields.


It consists of four fundamental layers:
1、graphic layer(panel)
2、Upper Circuit
3、Isolation Layer
4、Lower Circuit

Outstanding Performance

The service life of membrane switch can reach more than one million times. The action of the switch only depends on the elastic membrane moving in the vertical direction. Although membrane being subjected to millions of movements, the amplitude is very small (only 0.1-0.3mm). If selected reasonably, the membrane material can withstand more than one million times of use without deformation. All of these determine the better durability of membrane switch.

Due to the strict sealing requirements of process, the switch contacts are proof against hazardous gas erosion, oxidization, proof against water/dust/oil, thus suitable for various harsh environments.

The layout can form a keyboard with compact design. Multi-layer sealing membrane structure, with all connecting and outgoing wires made thru screen printing at one time, and the total thickness of 1-3mm, makes the membrane switch much smaller, ligher and more reliable than traditional switches.

Compared with the traditional mechanical switch, its installation is convenient and simple. Just remove the backing paper and stick it on the surface of the whole machine. Then insert the outgoing wire into the socket of the rear circuit of the whole machine, to complete the installation. On the apprearance, the customer’s idea can be integrated into the color pattern design to obtain personalized decoration effect, reflecting the beauty of material and process.

It can be customized to meet the needs of different customers and different industries.

It is convenient for human-machine interface update and product generation development.

Due to the cost advantage of the new-type environment-friendly materials, the membrane switch is cheaper than PCB switch, silica gel keyboard assembly and capacitive touch keyboard.

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