Membrane switch provides efficient HM interface.

It’s been 20 years since establishment, Jimmy Lin the founder has seen his anticipation realized increasingly, i.e. wide application of membrane switches has played a significant role in the new century. As a reliable HMI solution, Shanben’s membrane switches integrate multiple cutting-edge technologies and apply in almost all modern industries, like automotive, medical, measuring instruments, military, agriculture, construction, and transportation. Check the following for detail and more cases are coming up soon.

Safety Belt Reminder

Safety Belt Reminder (SBR) is a system that reminds driver and passengers when safety belt is not fastened. Shanben’s membrane switch is well integrated into the SBR system with two levels of alarms: first in vision and second in both vision and sound. Our SBR product has successfully passed 18 safety tests required by the automotive industry. Our clientele includes many famous automakers both home and abroad.









Membrane switch of electronic scales

Shanben’s membrane switch of electronic scales have fully considered the functionality, and matched the design and the producing processes. Selection of materials and process ensures the vertical press can be done over one million times. Fatigue test simulates the real situation with a more stringent requirement. Shanben’s design capability and quality control has won the trust of the global TOP electronic scale producers like Mettler Toledo.