Quality is the Top Priority.

Shanben: a manufacturer of high-end membrane switches and panels in China.

In the past 20 years of development, Shanben has always adhered to the main business of membrane switch manufacturing, and positioned itself as a high-end manufacturer and innovator. The high-end quality of Shanben are mainly attributable to the following four characteristics.

1. Industry Leading Production Technologies

Our advanced technologies include:
•Super waterproof treatment;
•Extreme high/low temperature resistance;
•Color processing;
•Excellent UV and scratch resistance;
•LED encapsulation;
•Large area printing.

2. Advanced and Strict Management System

We are one of the first companies in the membrane switch industry to realize the ROHS standard, and establish a strict control mechanism for the disposal of toxic substances such as waste materials.

3. Continuous Procurement of High Standard Raw Materials

Our upstream raw materials are all from high-end suppliers, including 3M and other top domestic and foreign brands. In this way, our products can perform well in service life, pressure resistance and other aspects.

4. Adherence to Stringent Quality Control

Strict quality control ensure compliant products. Shanben insists on quality control from the source and prevention in advance.
Shanben’s main products are divided into the following three series: