Car Seat sensor 

SBR Applications:
SAR can be used for safety belt reminder systems, taximeters, air-bag sensors and driver-presence sensing sensors.

Safety Belt Reminder (SBR) is a system that reminds the driver and front-seat passenger when safety belt is not fastened. The system is consist of two components: sensors to detect if the safety belt is fastened; two-level signals:
1st level: vision
2nd level: vision + sound

SBR Function:
It is common knowledge that proper usage of safety belt is the most effective way to protect passengers in an accident. Most of the time, passengers will fasten the safety belt once reminded. SBR is used to remind the passengers to fasten the safety belt.

SBR Features:
1. Membrane type
2. Activatable by pressure
3. Able to Sense if there’s anyone sitting on the seat, and then send signals to alarm system
4. Able to adjust layout and sensibilities of sensors according to the shape and hardness of the seat