Antibacterial treatment on the surface of bathroom membrane switch


1. Bacteria growth is the enemy of bathroom membrane switches

When using sanitary products, people often touch the membrane switches with hands. Over time, bacteria can easily grow on the membrane switch. Especially the membrane switch on the toilet is often in contact with the human body. If not treated effectively, it will be a great hidden danger. Of course, an excellent sanitary ware company like TOTO will not sit idly by. How to effectively solve the antibacterial problem of membrane switches has become a very important topic.

2. How to conduct surface antibacterial treatment?

To solve this problem, we must first know the principle of antibacterial coating.
The antibacterial treatment of the membrane switch is mainly carried out through the coating on its surface. This coating uses a special antibacterial material to make a smooth and wear-resistant coating on the surface, and the bacteria will disappear quickly after it is on it. The reason is that because of the unique antibacterial agent, the bacteria cannot survive on the surface.

3. How to apply antibacterial coating to membrane switch products?

Based on the principle of the above antibacterial coating, Shanben Company can achieve a targeted goal and propose a tailor-made plan for TOTO. After the bathroom membrane switch is printed, we continue to print another antibacterial coating on the surface of the product, and then go through high-temperature baking and reinforcement. This will form an antibacterial coating on the surface of the product to reduce the growth of bacteria on the surface of the product.
Moreover, the antibacterially treated membrane panel is not only easy to clean, but also has good acid and alkali resistance, and there is no problem with using various disinfectant solutions. What’s more commendable is that this layer of coating is not only very effective in antibacterial, but also wear-resistant and moisture-proof, and the surface will not deposit dust.
The products developed by our company based on the above ideas have been strongly recognized by TOTO and its customers, and have been widely used in TOTO smart toilets.


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