About conductive ink

conductive ink

Conductive ink is made of conductive materials, which has a certain degree of conductive properties and can be used for printing conductive points or circuits. Conductive ink is composed of conductive filler, adhesive, solvent and additive.
Gold conductive ink, silver conductive ink, copper conductive ink and carbon conductive ink have been applied to printed circuit, electrode, electroplating bottom layer, keyboard contact and printed resistance.

1. Gold based conductive ink

Gold powder has stable chemical properties and good conductivity, but its price is expensive, and its application is limited to thick film integrated circuit.

2. Silver based conductive ink

It is widely used in conductive printing of membrane switches.

3. Copper based conductive ink

Copper is cheaper than silver, but it is easy to oxidize. Now, copper powder with anti-oxidation treatment is often used. The special circuit printed with this ink is not easy to be oxidized, but the disadvantage is that once it is treated at high temperature, it will lose the anti-oxidation effect.

4. Carbon based conductive ink

The fillers used in carbon based conductive ink include conductive tank black, acetylene black, furnace carbon black and graphite, etc. It is mainly used for membrane switch and printed resistor.

Shanben integrates conductive ink technology into circuit manufacturing, and the process control of key links will ensure product quality and service life. Please feel free to contact us for solutions.


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