How to enhance the corrosion resistance of membrane panel

corrosion resistance

The membrane panel is very easy to be corroded. Because of the high frequency of use of membrane panel, thousands of times of contact and touch every day will increase the possibility of loss of membrane panel. From the mechanical point of view, these contacts and touch mainly produce friction through the interaction with the panel. The existence of such friction day by day increases the possibility of panel damage. In addition, a large amount of sweat and microorganisms will be accumulated on the panel during operation, resulting in some oxidation reactions, which will also increase the possibility of corrosion.
So how to avoid this situation? Unfortunately, this is inevitable. However, we can do our best to improve the corrosion resistance. After years of research and testing, Shanben believes that counter measures can be taken with materials and manufacturing process.
1. Select materials with strong corrosion resistance
Although the membrane materials used in the panel are generally corrosion-resistant, the performance varies a lot from material to material. Considering the choice of materials in advance can effectively improve the corrosion resistance of the panel, which has been proved in practice.
2. Adopt advanced printing technology
Generally, there are two printing methods for making thin film panel: front printing and back printing. Ink printed on the front, finger contact will aggravate its corrosion and fall off. The back printing technology can reduce the contact and avoid the abrasion and corrosion of the ink.
Pay attention to the above two points, we can improve the corrosion resistance of the membrane panel as much as possible, thus extending the service life of the membrane panel. For specific material and process comparison, please feel free to contact us.


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