Reasons for long delivery time of membrane switch

reason for long delivery time

Why is the delivery time of membrane switch so long? Many people have such doubts, because the membrane switch seems to be a relatively simple product, and the structure is not complicated. However, this is not the case. The manufacture has to go thru many processes of complexity, which are all time costing. Here only two processes of printing and assembly are concerned.
1. Complex Screen Printing
In order to ensure the color fullness and visual effect, each color of the panel needs to be screen printed one by one, and then each printing needs to be dried. In this way, repeated printing and drying need to go through several times, which is very time-consuming and labor-consuming. Only in this way can we guarantee the appearance of the panel and give the customer the initial intuitive impression of the experience.
2. Labor intensive assembly
The assembly procedure is more cumbersome. The membrane switch is usually composed of several layers, and the combination of layers requires double-sided gluing. At the same time, most of the membrane switches also need to place metal dome, which requires extremely careful manual operation. At present, there is no mechanical method to replace manual operation, so assembly is also a very time-consuming process.
The above two main processes have shown the complexity of membrane switch production, which leads to a long production time. That’s also why the delivery time is long.
Of course, on the basis of ensuring product quality, Shanben has adopted a series of effective measures to shorten delivery time and improve supply capacity. With 20 years of production experience, Shanben has good coordination and control over production scheduling, including raw material procurement, technical training and process optimization. Shanben has also introduced the RoHS management system. At the same time, Shanben always insists on optimizing and improving every work that affects production efficiency and production management, which are the reasons why Shanben has a shorter delivery time in the same industry.


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