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Shanben Highlights a Shared Picture from the US

Very coincidentally, an interesting picture sent to my mobile by a childhood playmate who has been living in the US since university graduation in early 1990s. It shows an elegant madam having fun with her lovely sheepdog in a park. The eye catching part is the black case standing beside the bench she sat on. When I zoomed in, I found the control panel and burst into laughter. Guess what? This membrane switch is right produced by Shanben, my employer company.

Another Application of Shanben’s Membrane Switches in Healthcare Electronics

The black case in the picture is iGo Portable Oxygen System produced by DeVilbiss Healthcare. DeVilbiss is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of respiratory medical products that address the respiratory needs of patients in institutional and homecare settings. DeVilbiss main production is in the United States and distribution covers more than 100 countries around the world. When the request received from DeVilbiss to develop a membrane switch for their portable models, Shanben’s designer liked the portability idea very much and started to contribute innovative and professional points. As a result, the following final product is manufactured to realize fancy user experience with reliability, easy to use, and precision.

iGO POC_Switch Membrane_Shanben01

Everything Starts with Shanben HMI Solution

For a portable device, customer appreciates iGo system’s easy to use utmost. The membrane switch offers the customer with full control over power, major function and accessory battery. Check the following figure, you’ll see the detail.

Figure 1. iGo Control Panel
1. Power Button – turns the system ON or OFF
2. No Breath Detected in PulseDose Mode Light
3. External Power Present Light/Power Fail Alert
4. Oxygen Concentration Lights:
4a. Green Normal Oxygen Light
4b. Yellow Low Oxygen Light
4c. Red Service Required Light
5. Mode Select Button and Flow Indicator Light
6. Green Flow Rate Setting Lights (1-6) and Flow Rate Setting Buttons
7. Battery Status Gauge and Low Battery Alert

iGo Control Panel_Shanben

Meet New Trend of Global Manufacturing Restructure with Focus and Expertise

Challenged by the rising trade protectionism, China’s manufacture industry has seen a way out through industrial upgrading. With no hesitation to join the world trade, Shanben has been proactively taking its unique measures. Concentration and inhouse knowhow are the two key strengths developed through years of R&D investment. Specifically in the industry of medical electronics, Shanben has gained recognition by various customers from across the world. Among them are DeVilbiss, United Imaging, GE and Thermo Fisher. In this way, Shanben also helps the local manufacture development of any target market.
More detail of Shanben’s strength in medical industry can be found in our blog page. Feel free to contact us for your ideal membrane switch.


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