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Shanben’s Technical Strength Lies in Detail

Among wide applications of Shanben’s membrane switch products, home appliance is one of the most popular. Shanben’s technical detail has played the key role. Membrane switches of home appliance have their own features like ease of use, demanding durability and antibacterial treatment. In this article, we’ll show some examples of Shanben’s technical strength, specifically related to sanitary products.

Architecture Solution to Prevent Peeling Ink

Membrane switch panel offers interface between user and home appliance. Like the toilet lid shown below, the panel is composed of different press buttons responding to different functions including temperature control, water volume control and dry air supply. There is a very tiny detail you may easily neglect until one day you lose sight of specific function button. YES, it’s the print of the panel. To make the print of the panel more durable and abrasion resistant, usually the back screen printing will be adopted. In other words, user’s hand won’t touch the print ink directly on the panel. But this is far from preventing peeling ink. The reason is the frequent contact of the ink with the micro switch mounted below the panel. Pressing force is transmitted through the panel to the micro switch which will contact the back printed ink. After the long use period, the friction of the micro switch will cause the ink peeling off. After repeated internal and external discussions among our engineers and upstream suppliers, a solution of architecture optimization was concluded. A thin film with good wear resistance is laid behind the ink for protection, right after the back printing procedure and before the laying of back adhesive. Through many times of tests, the most suitable thickness of the film has been found, which shall protect the ink without sacrificing the ease of use. The final sample has been high recognized by customers.

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Antibacterial Coating

Cleanness is the most significant requirement for sanitary products like toilet, washing bowl and other bathroom accessories. Coming back to the automatic toilet lid, customers need to be ensured of antibacterial performance which matches the high end label. Shanben’s solution with the membrane switch panel is the coating, easy process and low cost. Developed jointly with a partner coating producer, a type of antibacterial coating will be attached to the surface of the panel thru a tailored process of high temperature reinforcement. The result of the comparative test of products with and without such coating is very impressive, telling that the coating does work well to prevent bacterial pollution. Again, this technical detail has been integrated into the technical annex of Shanben standard contract of supply related to the sanitary ware industry.

Outstanding Technical Detail Has Won Endorsement of Reputed Brands

There are many more small stories of Shanben’s technical uniqueness. That’s the reason why Shanben will be endorsed by global reputed brands, including TOTO and KOHLER.
More detail of Shanben’s strength in the sanitary ware industry can be found in our blog page. Feel free to contact us for your ideal membrane switch.


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