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What Is SBR?

SBR is the abbreviation of Safety Belt Reminder (by NHTSA of USA and C-NCAP of China), or Seatbelt Reminder (Euro NCAP).
SBR is a safety system that warns the driver and passengers to fasten the seat belts using audible and visual warnings.

SBR Related Regulations in USA, Europe and China

The current standard of NHTSA requires a 4-8-second continuous or intermittent warning sound and a continuous or flashing warning light or text alert that lasts at least 60 seconds. Both warnings must be triggered when the ignition is switched on and the driver’s lap belt is not in use. IIHS research shows that audible warnings that last at least 90 seconds increase the seat belt use of drivers who do not routinely use a seat belt by more than a third. Implementing such warnings in the front seats could therefore save up to 1,489 lives each year. Still this applies only to the driver’s seat although discussions have been there for long regarding front side seat and back seats as well.
It’s Never too much to stress the significance of seat belt, just as stated by Euro NCAP as below:
The seatbelt remains the single-most important item of safety equipment in the car. Without it, occupants are unrestrained and other protective devices such as airbags are unable to work properly without the controlled, predictable kinematics which a seatbelt can provide. That’s why Euro NCAP has, for many years, rewarded seatbelt reminders and such systems remain a central part of occupant status monitoring.
While in China, the similar SBR requirements have been clearly listed in the C-NCAP Management Regulation. and it’s not just referring to the driver, but also to occupants.


SBR Products from Shanben

Developed as a new application of membrane switch, Shanben’s SBR is actually a type of sensor activated by contact pressure. The activated sensor will work as a starting point for the integrated alert system. Whenever occupant is detected through gravity pressure, the belt alarm system will be well informed. If belt unfastened, the altert signal should be conveyed to the driver. Although the working mechanism is very simple, but the functionality shall be ensured through product precision. That’s why Shanben’s SBR product has passed the most stringent automotive safety tests, 18 tests in total.
More detail of Shanben’s SBR products can be found in our PRODUCT page. Feel free to contact us for your ideal SBR.


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Seatbelt Reminder_Shanben01


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